Meet the Boys!


    Boomer Babble Radio Network travels through South Dakota airwaves on a cloud of laughter!

    Sundays at 5:00 p.m.
    WNAX 570 AM – Yankton, SD

    Saga Communications, Inc.

    Radio Show Offers Laughs and Anecdotes, and answers the questions most folks are just too polite to ask.

    A blend of Garrison Keeler, Dave Barry, and Bob and Tom results in Boomer Babble.

    Why does Doug have Hot Wheels cars in his toilet?
    Will John discover the difference between chiggers and Jiggers?
    Did Charles eat Cocoa Puffs or rabbit droppings?
    For answers to these and other questions that you didn’t ask, tune into Boomer Babble, an hour long radio series ready to hit the market. The demographic for this fun program can be found in its title – Boomer. The 41-59 year-old market (Give or take ten years on either side) will enjoy the non-annoying Andy Rooney-ish episodes of Doug Ortman, Charles Ortman, and John Chicoine (Pronounced Shee-Quinn). The three comedians have adjusted their lives to fulfill a dream of writing and recording a radio comedy show.

    Boomer Babble is a real conversation among the three hosts, with fictitious reports from the mythical community of Hoople, SD. News from the World Herald Gazette Journal Leader will be offered, as will coffee table gossip and advertisments from Hoople retailers.

    “We’ve been practicing comedy for 20 years and we believe this radio show is the perfect vehicle for our combined talents, assuming we have some,” Said Charles Ortman. He added, “Boomer Babble has been two years in the making and we think it may, okay, well, it could, have big potential to pull in many listeners and big advertisers.”

    The Idea

    The idea for Boomer Babble grew from Charles’ ability to talk non-stop nonsense and his ability to offer an opinion, facts and advice on any topic, usually with some humor and occasionally some truth. For years when Charles, Doug and John would be sitting around visiting with people, someone would say, “You guys should do this as part of a comedy routine, just do your silly comments, jokes, tease and give opinions as entertainment.” Charles has wanted to do a radio program for years. John has a desire to make it big and Doug just wants to get out of the house. So the ideas connected and Boomer Babble was conceived.

    Charles’ Bio

    Charles was born.  His parents watched him and decided “How could we do any better than this?”  Thus, Charles is an only child and as he says “I am happy believing that’s what they thought so leave me alone.”

    Charles grew up on a farm and all that goes with the good farm life.  He went to school in Canistota, SD; again, the great small town life.  College eventually took him to the Chicago area for a few years.  He married his high school sweetheart, the beautiful Diane.  They have two lovely, intelligent children, Christopher and Samantha (Sam).  That is a totally unbiased opinion of Charles’s.

    Charles has performed a comedy act with his little friend Doug for over 20 years, but has wanted to have a radio show for many years.  To his pleasant surprise, when he approached Doug and their friend John, they both agreed to it and to the concept of the show.  When asked why, Charles says, “to paraphrase William F. Buckley, I get satisfaction three ways.  One is creating something, one is being paid for it and one is the feeling that I haven’t just been sitting on my butt all afternoon.”

    Doug’s Bio

    Doug Ortman is a small town South Dakota boy.  He grew up with three brothers and one sister.  One brother is his identical twin brother, lucky fellow.  Life with a twin brother has provided him with a treasure chest of great life stories.  After college he returned to his home town to work in the family business, and with his wife, Leann, raise six kids.

    His interests have been in fishing, hunting, TaeKwonDo and astronomy.  He has been forced to develop a sense of humor in order to understand his six kids and his big friend Charles.  Doug and Charles have performed old vaudeville comedy routines for over twenty years.  Doug hopes to keep people laughing and looking at the humorous side of life through the new radio talk program Boomer Babble.

    John’s Bio

    John Chicoine was born a long time ago on a farm around the quaint French Canadian settlement of Jefferson, SD.  He’s been dealing with comedy his entire life.  It was reported when he was born the doctor held him by his feet, looked at him and said, “This is funny.”

    John has lived his entire life in South Dakota except for college in Iowa.  His father encouraged him to find employment someplace other than the farm when it was discovered he didn’t know which end of the cow to milk.

    John is fortunate to be married to the lovely Paula.  They have three children, Amy, Brian and Annie, and three grand-children, Jake, Zack and Lucy.  John has more hobbies than he has time for.  He’s wanted a dog but the lovely Paula told him town is no place for a dog.  If he wants a dog, first he has to get a divorce.  After weighing the issue briefly, there is no dog in the yard.

    For information about how to schedule Boomer Babble on your radio station, or if you would like to find out more about Boomer Babble, please contact Charles or Doug Ortman at PO Box 125, Canistota, SD, or 605-296-3431.

    Ginger’s Bio

    Ginger is a legend in her own mind. She entertains herself by laughing at her own jokes and making puns that cause others to cringe. Just because she grew up with a radio station in the basement of her home in Sioux Falls, she thinks she deserves to be on the radio.

    Her father, Verl Thomson, actually WAS a radio broadcasting legend and pioneered radio in its early days. In the 1940’s, he developed KISD radio, which really was located in the basement of the family’s home. She voiced her first radio commercial at the age of three.

    In her late teen years, people told her she had a face for television, so turned to that medium in college and worked in TV and video for decades until her face, and gravity, betrayed her and became one for radio once again. So here she is back on radio… proud to be the Boomer Babe.

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